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Discussion in 'iBooks' started by Kyrei, Sep 19, 2010.

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    I have my RPG gaming PDFs on my PC (Windows 7) and have transferred them to iBook thru iTunes, no problem. However, some of the PDFs (5/20) are unreadable because there are blank lines where there should be text. (I cannot post a screencapture as this is my first post here and I must have a post count of at least 3... so maybe in the replies I will post it :))

    When I open this PDF on the desktop it is fine; it is a good scan and everything is readable.

    A bit of background on this problem: When I got the iPad I was in Canada (I live in Korea normally and this is where I am now). I downloaded a torrent file of the PDFs and put them on the iPad. That was when I noticed the blank lines problem. When I returned to Korea and sync'd with my normal desktop, iTunes removed all the PDF files and so I had to re-load them. When I did so, and opened up this particular file again, it opened up to the last place I had viewed it (proving to me it was still stored on the iPad somewhere) but still has all these blank lines.

    I want to competely remove this PDF from the iPad and try to reload it, to see if that makes any difference. Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

    Oh, I tried to open the same file in PDF Reader Lite and it came up the same way. This suggests to me that somewhere along the line, the rendering of the PDF file got screwed up; it clearly is not just an iBook problem.

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