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Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by DrHouse, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I'm not much of a gamer, but once in a while, I like wasting my time on unproductive stuff ;)

    Minecraft Pocket Edition
    I had heard about Minecraft, but it seemed as just another Lego building game. Then I fired it up out of curiosity... A few hours later, I remembered that I had something else to do... I got sucked into that "silly" game, building an entire castle, block by block. The controls are easy to use, and I found that game so relaxing that I've become a fan. If only gravity would be implemented, it would make building a bit more challenging. Anyway, a good time waster for those with creative minds...

    Where's my water?
    A really well made puzzle game where physics and logics are required. First levels are easy, but they become more challenging after that.

    Dead Space
    As I said, I'm not a gamer, but I gave this one a try because I wanted something more action oriented and the reviews were really good. So for 5$, it was a cheap guess. Not so long ago, I enjoyed Doom and Duke Nukem a lot on my old PC. Mainly because the storyline and the atmosphere were well done. Dead Space is way above these! Darn this is a creepy game! It's like watching a good horror movie in space, where you are the one trying to survive. As they recommended, I put the headphones for a better experience of the game. Better? It's worse! So worse that you feel trap and scared moving along the corridors... I loved it! Graphics are great, controls are good, soundtrack and sound effects are perfect. Dead Space is not just another 3D shooter, it's a great scaring experience...

    And finally, Tower Madness
    Aliens are trying to steel your sheeps... And you must protect them, with all kinds of weapons: lasers, turrets, electric towers, etc... Great strategy game where you can loose track of time (and chores...). I just wonder what they are doing with those sheeps...

    VicoPad addict!
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    hi there!

    mine are:
    -tower bloxx
    -fruit ninja
    -pigeon palooza
    -sims 3

    They are worth playing. :) Just bought them on iTunes. :)

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