SimCity BuildIt Announced for iOS

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    The original sim game, SimCity, is still going strong on several different formats, including iOS, of course, and that success looks set to continue with MacRumors reporting today that EA has announced SimCity BuildIt for iOS.

    Sticking to the tried and tested SimCity formula that we all know and love (except for when those pesky natural disasters come along and ruin our perfect cities!), SimCity BuildIt sees players building and maintaining a city, building businesses, homes, government buildings, and much more.

    EA says that the game will have “vivid 3D-quality graphics,” with players being able to pinch, zoom, and rotate when building and running their city.

    SimCity BuildIt is the second iOS SimCity game to be released by EA, with SimCity Deluxe appearing on iPad back in 2010. However, it will be the first SimCity game also available on iPhone, as SimCity Deluxe was iPad-only.

    EA has not yet announced the game’s release date, or how much it will cost, but says that it will be revealing more features and details very soon.

    Source: MacRumors

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