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Discussion in 'iPad at Work' started by dahauss, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Im looking for a program for my IPAD 3 that I can create a PDF tenmplate of a contract, and have a client sign it. all of this without any interneet access. The template needs to be store on the IPAD itself and not the cloud. Once the clien signs the document, I need to store the signed document on the ipad, until I get to somewhere there is internet access (back in the office) and then I can send them a copy with their signature. Most of the programs I have found for the IPAD need INTERNET ACCESS to get the pdf to sign and also do not create a template, meaning I need to store multiple copies of the document on the cloud (droipbox for example) as once you sign the file, it writes over the blank form.

    I have seen a whole bumch of program that look like they do what I want but NONE address offline use and tgemplates. Can someone sujjest something? I need to make this as easy as possible so I cna basically load the APP, click the file to be signed, hand over the ipad to the client, they can read the file, and sign at the botton. it then saves the signed form in a NEW FILE with their name. I can then go to the next client and use the same template. When I get back to the office, I can load up the signed forms and email them to the cliend and myself (and I can print them out too)

    ANy help would be appreciated.......
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    Maybe try the app Noteshelf? Essentially, you can create a background template of your PDF document. Then, you can create a new notebook for each customer with that background. They'd sign the form and you can save it. All of this can be done on the iPad with no Internet access.

    Then, when you get back to your office/WiFi, you can print the document, save it to the cloud (Dropbox) or Evernote or e-mail the file.

    Take a look at my post in this thread (#2) for an idea of what I mean:

    This is just one idea - I am sure there are more. But, maybe this is a start?

  3. Mno

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    I am using Goodreader. You can have your template document in pdf. As soon as ou try o modify it, goodreader will ask ou to save it as another version. When a connection is available you can send or sync our document with many different solutions.

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