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Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by florri3, Nov 19, 2012.

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    I have downloaded a few games from the App Store which I play I of which I played as a guest at first then added to my face book. Others just on Facebook no guest option. Is there a way to allow family members to to have their own account with a game on my iPad.?
    I did try to do this on the one that allowed guest but when I went on to play my game all my info was lost and it said there is already a player using this device.
    Got it sorted in the end had the guest cancelled and mine reset.
    How does the game recognise the iPad? Is it from the email address used or is there something on the iPad it recognises? These are free apps so not trying to set up
    Without paying, just would like more than I player to use the same app from the same iPad. Is it possible?

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