Classic Game The 7th Guest Free for One Day on iOS and Mac

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    An excellent heads-up here from The Verge, which alerts all retro gaming fans to the fact that classic scary multimedia game The 7th Guest is available to download for free today on iOS and Mac. The game was first released in 1993 by Virgin Interactive, at a time when pre-recorded video sequences were the latest thing in gaming, with games such as 7th Guest and Voyeur released on PC and Mac CD-ROM, and Philips' CD-i console. The craze didn’t last long, generally speaking because all but the very best games of the type were really, really cheesy with very bad acting, and also because people don’t really want real-life video footage in their games. However, as The Verge notes, The 7th Guest was one of the few games of its type that really did work, with its theme of a scary villain, toy maker Henry Stauf, who invites the titular seven guests to his creepy, puzzle-filled mansion, and this 2010 iOS and OS X remake from Trilobyte Games certainly does its legacy justice. Make sure you have a lot of room on your iOS device or Mac though, as the iOS app is 623.78MB and the OS X app is 841.2MB.

    Click here to download for iOS: App Store - The 7th Guest

    Click here to download for Mac: Mac App Store - The 7th Guest

    Source: Good Deal: 'The 7th Guest' is free today on iPhone, iPad, and OS X | The Verge
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