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    Hi everyone. I don't know where to post this but I would like to inquire something. Has anyone heard of Moderator Edit: external links not allowed. Please read the rules I have hearing impairment on both ears so I would like to know your opinion about this audio to text conversion service to convert an audiobook to text that I need to read. I don't want to try other transcription services that are free because there's a risk of inaccuracy. Any suggestions?
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    Only the exceedingly obvious of wether you've looked for a text version of the book. It is pretty rare for there to be an audiobook without an original paper version, or even an ebook. At $1.50 a minute even a novelette is going to be $50 to $100. I'm thinking the cost of the book and slight inconvinience of packing it around will be the lesser evil.

    And there might be copyright issues that will prevent them from making a trascription of a book that you don't own the rights to.
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