Scientifically proven iOS app helps you sleep better and longer

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    A massive segment of the population nowadays is affected with sleep problems which range from the occasional insomnia to more serious and health threatening issues. Gathering from the most advanced sleep research data, the Sleep Genius app for the iOS environment will be released this week to help people all over the world sleep better.

    You might think a sleep app is no novelty in the App Store, but the ones you can find in there offer merely white noise or ambient relaxing noises that have yet to prove their efficacy. But Sleep Genius has been tested in rigorous medical studies before it was delivered to the public.

    The experts that created the app are also responsible for helping astronauts from NASA go to sleep in space. Sleep Genius has resulted from​​ the interdisciplinary convergence of specialists from different areas of study like neuroscience, sleep, sound and music.

    To get you that good night sleep you have been deprived for so long, the app utilizes a complex web of neurosensory algorithms, multiband binaural beats, pink noise and psychoacoustic music. To understand how important it is to get a good night sleep, the makers of the app have also released a commercial for Sleep Genius. In the video, a few examples showcase the importance of sleep – only 7 hours sleep/night might increase heart attack risk 100%, while 6 hours sleep/night might increase the risk of breast cancer 62%.

    The designers of the app specify: “Our exclusive sleep algorithms and scientifically composed music ease your brain into its natural sleep rhythms”.

    The app for iPhone and iPad will become available in the App Store in a few days and will be free for download for the time being.

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