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    Hi Guys,

    I wonted to ask you if you could give an advice in an issue I am facing with my ipad's ios.

    I was in vacation for a wile and I forgot my root password. Luckily I had ifile installed and I accessed the /etc/master.password file. The problem is that the after generating the has for the new password and modifying the master.passwd, I still do not have access to the ipad via ssh for the root account. After modifying the password I restarted the openssh daemon and also reinstalled it, but I have the same behavior, also rebooted the device

    I thought that while still having access to the password file I could copy the mobile user hashed password to root and this way gaining access to the root account via ssh. I seems that it was a bad idea because, now, even ifile is not starting. Good thing is that I can use mobile's password to gain access via ssh to the device but now I am stuck and I am afraid that I would have to mount the write the backup that I made some time ago and install everything again...

    Is there a way I could somehow access the root account, some application? now many applications that use root are not working at all.. (btw, I am not trying to do any scam or to do harm to anybody, this is my personal device)

    Thank you in advance.

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