Review compilation of the Retina display iPad Mini tablet

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    The Retina iPad Mini has been launched for customers this week and if you haven't got your hands on it just yet, maybe you should have a quick look and check whether is is available in a store nearby. We will be compiling a short, but informative roundup of reviews for the iPad Mini 2, pretty much in the same way we did with the iPad Air. We already know that the iPad Mini 2 comes with a much bigger battery than the first-generation iPad Mini and that it is also five times faster than its ancestor. But now it's time to see what early reviewers think of this tech beauty.

    Scott Stein with Cnet:

    David Pierce with TheVerge:

    Christina Bonnington with Wired

    Mark Spoonauer from LaptopMag

    Sascha Segan from PCMag

    Jason Snell from MacWorld

    Neil Hughes from AppleInsider

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    436's impressive to see Apple scoring big marks on the 5th generation iPads. And imagine how all this would be playing out if they had made the mini 2 remain a second-tier device like the mini 1 is. Lession: Put your best product forward always. People don't like you holding back on specs while asking a premium price. And if you ask a premium price, make the product premium to match its price. Finally, people like cheap but the also like premium.

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