Rare Pokémon Seen More Often in Pokémon Go Since Update

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    BGR reports that according to the Pokémon Go subreddit The Silph Road, it seems that rare Pokémon are spawning more frequently than previously ever since the most recent update, which introduced new buddy Pokémon.

    Redditors on The Silph Road have been debating the issue, with many saying that they have seen more rare Pokémon than usual since the update. Not everyone is convinced that rare spawn rates have changed for the better since the update, but many have reported multiple sightings of rarer Pokémon such as Onix, Tauros (the U.S.-only region-specific Pokémon, Venasaur, Arcanine, and even a Lickitung.

    “All of the sudden, spawn rates have skyrocketed nearby,” said “23saround,” the redditor that started the post.

    Going by my own experiences playing the game, I’ve certainly seen Mr. Mime (the UK’s region-specific Pokémon) spawning in several locations over the past week where I’ve never seen it before. It’s still not that rare, but it is certainly the rarest Pokémon I’ve seen in those particular locations.

    As to why this increased spawning of rarer Pokémon might be happening, some Silph Road members are saying that it could be Niantic’s way of keeping people interested in the game.

    Source: Pokemon Go players are seeing rare Pokemon more often after latest update

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