Legendary Pokémon, New Incense Types and Trading Could be Coming Soon for Pokémon Go

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    Forbes reports that there could be some big changes afoot for Pokémon Go in future updates, with eagle-eyed redditor “cokuspocus” writing on The Silph Road subreddit that they have discovered some interesting code in Pokémon Go that refers to items and characters that are not in the current game, and are hopefully therefore due to arrive sometime soon.

    This includes different types of incense, such as spicy, cool, and floral incense, which presumably could be used to attract particular types of Pokémon, i.e., fire-, ice/water-, or grass-type Pokémon respectively.

    Also discovered by cokuspocus in the code is “activityˍcatchˍlegendˍpokemon<"”which indicates that legendary Pokémon such as Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno, will hopefully soon be available to be caught in the game, possibly at some sort of special event.

    Also found by cokuspocus are several mentions of “trading,” something that Pokémon Go players have been calling for from day 1. The mentions in the code include a trade search, trade offer, trade result and trade response.

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    Some interesting things in the code I haven't seen talked about • /r/TheSilphRoad

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