Quality of video on Apple TV using AirPlay

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    Dear all,

    I recently got an Apply TV and have been enjoying streaming downloaded videos from e.g. BBC iPlayer to it from my iPad (and also iPod), but I am suspicious that the quality of the streamed video as not as high as it could potentially be (just that there appears to be less pixelation, for example, on the iPod screen vs. the AirPlayed version -- admitting that looking at different sized screens it can be difficult to judge etc, but the difference does appear noticeable).

    I suspect that this is a network bandwidth issue (Apple TV is plugged into router, a Time Capsule in this case, but obviously the iPad/iPod is streaming wirelessly, albeit with 5GHz connection). But I just wanted to check: are there any settings that can be changed to try and improve quality, or any recommended diagnostics to see if it is indeed a bandwidth issue?

    Many thanks!

    P.S. Sorry -- I posted this and then realised there is a separate AirPlay forum. Perhaps a moderator can move?
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