Problems downloading TV programmes to iPad from Itunes on iPad and also sync from PC

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by runDMC, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Please help !!! I am going crazy here with this issue. A week ago I bought some tv programmes to play for my toddler on a long car journey in two weeks time. I bought them via iTunes on my iPad mini and got an error message when trying to download them. This was 'download error.tap to retry'. Initially I thought this might have been caused by the iPad autolocking and breaking the wifi connection and interrupting the download so was vigilant and kept it 'awake' to try and download. Anyway - after a week of trying this I gave in and synced the iPad with my PC (windows 7) and the purchased tv programmes appeared in my iTunes library. Great I thought. I can now sync the iPad with Itunes on the PC and bingo.. How wrong was I ?! I have tried manually selected the programmes to try and sync them and nothing is working. My music library also won't sync with the iPad but I care less about that. I've tried various things like switching off my antivirus in case that's causing a problem; rebooting both ipad and PC; checking I've got the latest version of iTunes and iPad software (I do) and I'm now on the verge of throwing the damn thing out the window and buying an incar DVD player. Thing is I love the iPad mini for lots of reasons, but this seem to be a major flaw.

    I'm not a complete novice - have used the iPad for a year, had an iPhone for years and am pretty savvy when it comes to PC's etc. Why can't I work this out ?

    It's not a memory issue as I have 19GB of memory on the iPad and the programmes don't amount to more than 1GB.
    If I enable home sharing I can see the programmes on my iPad BUT this only works when I have an internet connection. All I want is to be able to play some 10 minute shows for my toddler on a long car journey (so the key here is it needs to be available offline).

    Would very much appreciate if someone can help with a possible solution as I have spent far too many hours on this when I could be doing better things !!

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