Problem with transferring my photos to the iPad 2

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Carol Darby, Oct 24, 2012.

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    I have had my iPad 2 for well over a year now. I have the 64GB version and also the optional extra device for transferring photos. This used to work just fine. I use it when travelling and each day I transfer the photos taken as I use the iPad for my back up. Sometimes I am transferring images from a card that has already had some images transferred the previous day. At the start I get a message which asks me if I wish to skip the duplicates. I always said yes and only the photos taken that day were transferred.

    However a problem has cropped up a few months ago. When I first attach the camera and turn it on I, as usual, get the thumbnails displayed. In the past all the ones previously transferred will have the green tick on them. Now , for some reason only some images will be ticked and many are indicating that they haven't been transferred when they actually have. When I select import all and then skip the duplicates all those previous imports not ticked import again along with all the new images.

    When I go to events it will show a new folder for the previous day with a stack of duplicate images. This means that say October 22nd will show 150 images and then after the latest import there will be another events folder dated October 22nd with say 80 images - all of them being duplicates that are in the previously imported folder. This means every day I have to go through these extra folders and select each image and delete it. I will get a message that says these images are used in another folder and if they are deleted they will be deleted everywhere. I delete anyway and they don't disappear from the previous folder. It would be easy if I could just delete the whole folder but I have to delete them my clicking on each individual image which can get very tedious when I take many hundreds every day and have this issue every day.

    Is there a cure for this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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