Problem with .mp4 video on memory card

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by tomek1017, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Aug 22, 2014
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    This is my first post and thread on this forum so I want to gently greet with you.
    I'm sorry I doesn't have an iPad, but I have a problem with iPad3 and .mp4 video to solve.
    Hope you can help me because of nice community ;) (Am I right?)

    So... I need to convert .mp4 to iPad3 requirments - I do that but my client have iPad3 and he got .mp4 files on his memory card which he insert into white card reader connected via usb (It looks like).
    Normally when he insert another card with .mp4 files recorded by hand camera or something like that and photos iPad see this as "Camera" tab on file viewer, but when he connect card with my .mp4 files it doesn't show tab "Camera" and we don't see anything.

    He said me that I need to do .thm file to every .mp4 file, in the other memory card he have .mp4 files with .thm according to video name.

    I dont know it doesn't work because of missing .thm files or video don't fit iPad3 requirments (but I think not because of that - I use specially program to fit with iPad requirments and also prepare another .mp4 file via rendering of sony vegas for apple iPad/apple TV - none of them is visible by iPad3)...

    I say them, that he can download free apps from apple store (because I read of that) to view more video formats and maybe it works... but he don't want to install any other apps - I think he use default player from iPad3.

    Anyone can help me? o_O
    Regards, Tom

    PS. if someone can send me (upload via or similliar hosting, better in .rar package with .thm file) a small video from iPad3 which works fine with standard player I was very appreciate that!

    Hmm, maybe I can copy .thm file from another .mp4 and just fit to my file just by renaming the name and it works?

    PS2. Sorry for my english, It's not my native language.

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