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    I know that it is possible to see what we're doing on the iPad on other devices like iPhone. That is anything I do on the iPad may be visible to someone on the iPhone.

    How do I know if what I'm doing on the iPad is private or not ? That is, how do I make sure that what I'm doing ont he ipad is private and not viewable by anyone
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    Hello Mynewipad,

    Welcome to the forums. You will find that we are a very helpful bunch, and you are joining a great worldwide community.

    It is possible to deal with your privacy to a certain extent. The iPad guide, which is downloadable, tells you how ......


    - you can turn off location services and amend your privacy settings on web sites. Google the version of the guide from which I have taken this screen shot and download it to iBooks. It's a very very useful book.

    Now, I suggest that one of the first things you do is to read the forum rules etc. Links to useful sections follow :-
    The forum rules may be found here.

    We have our own App which is easy to navigate.
    The iPad manual is here.

    Try these informative threads from which you will learn many tips and shortcuts for the IPad.

    Most importantly, enjoy your time with us on the forums.

    Then I recommend you use the forum search function to find threads to visit, read and ask questions there. This way, you should get a good response. :)

    Enjoy your membership.

    Richard Brown
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    Go into Settings | iCloud and starting turning stuff off. For example, your browsing info in Safari will be share via iCloud. This can be a nice feature because you can view webpages on one device and then resume viewing those pages on another. But if you have someone using a iPhone on the same account and you don't want them to see it, then you need to disable the sharing features in iCloud. If folks have their own account, and thus buy their own apps, then there is no sharing. I have two iPads and an iPhone on a single Apple ID so sharing works for me. In a family situation, all trying to share the same account to save on apps and stuff, more attention needs to be paid. And don't forget Photostream...similar thing there.

    Other than stuff shareable via iCloud on the same account, others can't see what you're doing.

    Frankly, I think the sharing thing should only be used by a single person on a single account (regardless of the number of devices). Sharing mobile devices has too many potential problems that arise down the road at times that were not foreseeable when making decisions to share. Companies are offering these features without any advice to users of potential problems down the road.

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