Possibility of flashframe images after pressing Home Button?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by MorrisTheCat, Oct 25, 2017.

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    I'm sorry if this may have been discussed already. My searches revealed nothing.

    A little bit of background: My work as a maintainance engineer for TV Broadcasting has a few times involved me in an issue whereby as the program feed breaks out for commercials we sometimes have errors in automation switching so that in the split second the technology switch-cuts back to program there's a flash of the first frame of picture of the commercial that will play in the next break...

    This is a massive no-no because it's classed as subliminal advertising. Amazingly only some folks see it in the control room of the station's presentation suite and it's rare that even the viewers notice it. They are seeing an image that lasts less than part of 1/25th of a second.

    Back to iPads. I am literally 100% certain that on certain websites the instant I tap the Home Button I see a flash of some other information , a smaller central still that lasts for a millionth of a second as the image transitions and blurr-zooms down to the App icon etc. It is not happening on every website nor does it need to be something off the Internet... it can be a specific independent App I am using. I'm not concerned personally but technically I would love to be able to capture one by filming the effect and playing it back at slow speed... there was once an App that recorded the entire screen interaction of the User but Apple soon classed it Hackable and dumped it. That tool could have been of use here.

    So, has anyone else ever noticed such effects? Perhaps it's because I have become obsessive since I deal with the effect in my work or maybe it's part of Apple 'experience' and sometimes your mind tries to make something from the blurr effect... I own an iPad Air2 plus the Pro and see it on both... As I say, it's not every time, just once and a while, particularly from websites that sell stuff! Either way when I have some spare time I'll see if I can make the loan of a friends high speed camera, set it properly and do some tests...
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    Yes, I notice something like that occasionally. The image
    may be of some app I'd last used hours ago. I've never tried to deduce a pattern to such behavior, as it's rare.
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    It’s probably just an transition animation artifact or glitch. Apple doesn’t have a strong economic reason to do something like this, and the nasty publicity that would result in being discovered would cost them (or pretty much anyone) far more than anything they could be making. Avoiding discovery, given the scrutiny the media usually gives to Apple, would be more than a little unlikely.

    Anyway, iOS 11 has added the abilty to record your iPad’s screen. You could turn on the recorder and do a few transitions; then examine them frame by frame in a video editor.

    You could also point your iPhone at the iPad screen (preferible with a tripod), and record the transitions using the camera in slo-mo mode. Assuming you have a newer model iPhone. I doubt the video quality would be good, but you’d bypass any super-secrete-evil filters in the iPad’s recording mode; and ‘probably’ extend the flashed frame to several frames, making it easier to find.

    Of course, it’s impossible to prove that there are never flash frames. Web sites and third party apps might sneek a few by. So, whether this puts your mind to rest isn’t guaranteed. But it might be entertaining, just as an exersise in what is possible with the tools available.

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