Pokémon Go Update Introduces Catch Bonus and Gym Training Features

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    Touch Arcade reports that the latest Pokémon Go update is now live, bringing with it a couple of interesting new features relating to Gym Training and Catch Bonuses.

    As far as Gym Training is concerned, the update makes it easier to practice at friendly Gyms, especially if your Pokémon team has not yet reached a high level.

    Basically, you can now take six Pokémon to battle at friendly gyms, and the Pokémon at the Gym that you are battling will have temporarily lowered CP so as not to dominate the weaker Pokémon in your team.

    As far as the Catch Bonus is concerned, you’ll now be rewarded for working hard and earning medals by catching lots of different types of Pokémon. Nice move, Niantic!

    Other cosmetic tweaks to the game include improved Egg and Incubator screens, which will now periodically update the distance that you’ve walked without you having to close and re-open the screen.

    The evolution animation time has also now been cut.

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