Pocket God Episode 44: The Perfect Swarm Lands in the App Store

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    It’s been a while since the last Pocket God update, but fear not fans, your wait is over, with the announcement today from Bolt Creative that Pocket God Episode 44: The Perfect Swarm, has arrived in the App Store. The Aztec calendar on Apocalypse Island continues to count down, opening a new room in the island’s temple in this latest episode, with the room housing the plague’s source, the locust queen! To harness the power of the locust swarm, the player must enter the temple and feed a Pygmy to the locust queen, then press the queen’s tummy to send locusts flying out of her tail. You can then control said swarm, swiping it around the screen, taking out Pygymies wherever it lands. The locusts are a particularly destructive bunch – you can get them to strip a Pygmy’s flesh, or fill a Pygmy’s mouth with them, with devastating results! You can even turn a Pygmy into a giant locust, or slice him in half in typical Pocket God style. The new update also gives you the opportunity to buy the Mondo Skin Pack for $0.99. The pack, which has been designed by guest artist Josh Ellingson, enables you to replace the moon with a 20-sided die, turn the volcano into a nuclear power plant, and turn the sand island statue into an arcade cabinet.

    Click here to download the newly updated game for $0.99: App Store - Pocket God

    Source: Bolt Creative
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