iOS 5-Enhanced Pocket God Episode 41: I Sting the Body Electric Out Now

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    As if all the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 excitement wasn’t enough, Bolt Creative has today made it a very happy Thursday for all the millions of Pocket God fans all over the world with today’s release of episode 41 – I Sting the Body Electric, for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Aside from supporting all the latest features of iOS 5, including asynchronous turn-based gaming where players get to face off against friends and random strangers in the Battle of the Gods mini game introduced in Episode 40, as well as iCloud storage, the update also introduces a new coral reef location on the ocean floor. Unfortunately, this picturesque idyll also happens to be infested with jellyfish, deadly ones, that like to feed on your pygmies if you’ll oblige them. You can also use them to trap your pygmies. An “Underwater World†skin pack is also available as an In-App purchase, enabling players to change the Pocket God island’s volcano into a whale, as well as change the island’s boulder in to a giant puffer fish.

    Click here to download the most up-to-date version of the game for $0.99 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch: App Store - Pocket God

    Source: Bolt Creative
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