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    For those interested or have an order pending on your Apple pencil and keyboard for the I Pad Pro, I ordered my I Pad Pro and pencil plus keyboard when online orders began and tonight my order is showing preparing to ship. If you are waiting, maybe that will be good news for you. Movement is beginning.
    I anxiously wait to try them out.

    Latest update
    Today, which is Nov. 24, I got an email, that the pencil is shipped and I am to receive it on the 27th. The keyboard is still showing preparing for shipment. Still waiting

    Update again on Wednesday morning Nov. 25th. I got up this morning with another email that my keyboard has now been shipped and I am to get it on the 27th.

    To sum this all up, from preparing to ship to actual ship took two days. If you are waiting, hope you see movement on yours soon. Hope this will help with the wait for those waiting.

    Final update. I got my pencil and keyboard today, I have used it tonight for a couple of hours. It is a whole new expierence. I spend at least 2 hours daily working, not playiing, on my I pad. It is now complete with the pencil and keyboard.
    Did not mean to get carried away. From the 24th to 27th I went from "preparing to ship" to posession of the pencil and keyboard.
    Hope you that have them ordered get them soon.
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