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    I use the ForScore app on my IPAD PRO 12.9 inch for reading sheet music in several bands. I can turn the page by tapping beside the page image on the screen if there is a gap in the music. Otherwise I can tap my foot on a cordless pedal. I suppose that I could remove the shoe from my right foot so that I could feel the pedal. Otherwise I have to glance down at the floor to see precisely where the pedal is and I might miss playing a few notes. In my research I found that most of the discussions on page-turner pedals concern pianists but I play the saxophone.

    First item on my wish list.
    I want somebody to invent a small cordless gadget with two buttons (page forward and page back) that can be attached to a saxophone within reach of the idle right thumb. The same devices could be used with other woodwind and brass instruments too. High tablet prices keep most musicians from going paperless right now but a stampede to paperless music is inevitable and there would be a big market for the device that I described.

    Second item on my wish list
    I heard that Apple are going to discontinue the iTunes program for the PC or Mac. They will need to create a new program for copying PDF files between a computer and an IPAD and I hope that the interface will be more intuitive than the iTunes interface is.

    Third item on my wish list
    Availability of a low-cost slave tablet that looks like an IPAD but which is only capable of serving as an extension display to a real IPAD. This would allow musicians to see two pages of sheet music just like they used to be able to do with paper music and it would eliminate many page turnover problems.
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    >> program for copying PDF files between a computer and an IPAD

    May I suggest that you try Readdle Documents, or File Browser to start with, but there are many alternatives. There is no need to use iTunes.
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    You can still sync an iPad with your Mac after updating the Mac to Catalina. The sync functions have been moved to Finder on the Mac.
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    Besides SciFan’s suggestion:

    iPadOS will support flash drives and hard drives in the Files app. The newer iPad Pros will want USB-C drives, or a USB-C to USB-A dongle. The original 12.9” iPad will need something to adapt to the Lightning port. This should make storing and transferring PDF files easy. Easier than it was in iTunes.

    Also, there is support for file sharing in iPadOS. You can turn on SMB or WebDAV services on your Mac and access the shares in the Files app. Actually, you should be able to do that with WebDAV now.

    I don’t know what technology your foot pedal is using, but it may be similar to bluetooth presentation remotes. Might be worth looking into. I know that some presentation remotes are supported.

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