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    If you like to play games on your iPhone or iPad you’ll most likely be familiar with the OpenFeint leaderboard platform, which was one of the foremost iOS services of its type. Unfortunately it is about to close though, with MacRumors reporting today that the company’s owners, GREE, have decided to close OpenFeint in less than one month’s time. TouchArcade first broke the story, noting that this does not give developers much time to update their games which use OpenFeint and migrate away from OpenFeint before it closes for good. TouchArcade says that the developers will have the difficult task of going back through all the old games that used OpenFeint and re-coding them. TouchArcade says that this could have a serious impact on legacy games, with some of them ending up having “perpetually broken online components.†TouchArcade gathers from various developer comments on Twitter that many developers are so fed up with the situation that they are not happy at all with GREE. It remains to be seen how badly older iOS games will be affected by this closure.

    Source: OpenFeint Multiplayer iOS Platform Shutting Down, Could Break Older Games - Mac Rumors
    GREE Pulls the Plug on OpenFeint With Less Than One Month Notice to Developers | Touch Arcade

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