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Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by Dragonrider, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Well, I am past the age many retire, not for me tho…. I bought a V1 iPad 64/3G on day one, tossed my MacAir and iPhone soon thereafter. I use my iPad for papers, presentations, and ------- every day. I've never found a better business tool, or cross country traveling aid - my iPad carried enough movies and books (I read a standard book in roughly 4 hrs - Amazon has made a ton of money on me!!) to last for a two week trip to China. Adding the usb, video, and memory card dongles have only added to the utility.

    I opted not to spring for V2 - I have no need or use for either camera, but thought the speed and screen would justify an upgrade - especially since there's no financial impact to me (personally).

    Here are my "old guy" observations:
    1. It is much faster than my V1, for all tasks. However, not enough to justify $800
    2. The screen is better, but if you need glasses to watch a movie, or read a book, you won't care
    3. None of the cases I bought for my V1 fit - and the new Apple cover doesn't hold a candle to the original Apple case.
    4. Some of the new Apps, that only work on the V2 or V3 are fun, and some of the upgraded Apps that were becoming flaky on the V1 work fine on the V3.
    5. The new one is noticeably lighter.

    All in all, my V1 still looks new, and works fine. If I had to pay for the new one, I would have to give it a lot of thought, but would probably wait for V4. JMHO

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