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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by danlaw777, Dec 1, 2011.

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    ok, so there isnt much i CANT figure out in the computer world.....but the ipads and iphones are new for me working in a major law firm so im unsure if what i want to do can be done, so here goes....

    my workstation has the latest and greatest itunes software, the attorneys I work for cant, or dont want to, upgrade to ios5/reset their devices etc on their OWN workstation. (when you bill out at $300/hour i can kinda see their point)

    HOWEVER, and here is what I need help with, I dont want to give joe smith's apps to suzy rottenc...err sorry, she was a marine corps keep away....jane doe's Ipad and vice versa, and i SURELY dont want to have EITHER of them having MY movies/songs/apps....

    yet every time i plug a device in i still have the last device's data on MY itunes. now im not SO dumb that i havent figured out i can delete all of this stuff manually before i hook up another device, and i have also figured out that i HAVE to have the "sync" buttons checked in order to do an upgrade on all the data fields. I am also aware that i have to transfer purchase to my pc, as well as doing a backup along with a sync.

    IDEALLY, i would like to have a back up of my iphone and ipad data saved on my pc, but what i would ALSO like to be able to do is plug in an attorneys ipad, backup THAT users data (photos, music, apps, settings, etc) run an upgrade or default data restore, then resync that user's ipad with their OWN data, and nothing more and nothing less.

    Can this be done with a settings change? a technicians verions of itunes perhaps? if so, to either, please let me know.


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