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    I bought my ipad 4 months ago in Kuwait. Within 24hrs my wife had got one too, 60 days later bought first imac too, v. impressed. However, whilst both ipads initially connected to our laptops and registered, traded songs etc......In fact worked exactly as it said they would 'on the tin'. They are now not recognised by any computers or the imac. They just don't recognise their presence at all. I have spoken to Apple support went through the - hard on/off, change USB input, checked cables, updated itunes on the imac, imac on/off but they are still not recognised. Either of them. It is very frustrating, they both charge through the mains, talk to each other via the wifi. Even the remote app works to control the itunes on the imac, but plug them and nada!! Every time I ask somebody or get online to check the problem, I get the same suggestions identified above. So...........any of you ipad superdudes got anything else for me? It affects both pads on both the computers they have been connected to. Except the imac, that has never recognised their presence. I have not gone over my allowance of 5 computers for itunes. :confused: OK AN UPDATE MY WIFES IPAD CONNECTED LAST NIGHT - STILL NOT MINE, SO THAT NARROWS IT DOWN, DOESN'T IT? Could it be hardware then, the dock socket? Is that a big ticket item if I take it to the one place in Kuwait City that fixes them?
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