No movie upload to Ipad aftere 4.2.1

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    I hadn't tried uploading any video to my Ipad since I upgraded firmware until today. I had no problem prior and uploaded, edited in ReelDirector without wny issues at all. Now it isn't recogized on my card at all ehen I insert it into CC and into Ipad though the previous ones still play within the Photo app without a problem. My RAWs snd RAWs + jpeg import fine though I have a different outcome emaioing RAWs only from the Photo app and now have to shoot + jpegs to do it whereas before Photos used the embedded jpeg.


    Solved. Its been so long since I did any video to upload to Ipad I forgot it had to be jpeg lite instead of AVCHD. Once I figured that out, video uploaded just fine and I can edit in Reeldirector instead of Sony Vegas on my main computer. For these little personal videos ite fine.
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