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    Hi All, I wonder if anyone could help me.

    Since owning apple devices (3gs,4s) I have backed up to my windows 7 computer, the raw jpeg and png files. I currently use a 4s and Ipad 4 which both get backed up to the computer, instead of the cloud. I have only just changed to this configuration, previously both were backing up photos and document to the icloud. I have icloud setup on my pc and when i changed the configuration I deleted all backups off my icloud account and it says 5gb free etc.

    The reason i changed configuration is because I want to photostream the photos on my pc to my ipad and iphone 4s. Ive setup the folder using the windows client and added ~1400 photos into the upload folder. How do i transfer these files ? It doesnt seem to do anything.

    Also photostream folder on the ipad: Ive turned off photostream and deleted the photos. Then when i turn it on it puts camera roll photos from the iphone and ipad which I have delete, but then if i turn off photostream and back on they just reappear :S Whats going on :S

    note. I have compressed the files which are now ~200kb.

    Thanks for your help :)

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