Next gen iPad will be thinner, thanks to an advanced LED backlighting system

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    The rumor mill is really spinning in anticipation of the next generation iPad. Just this week, we saw information claiming that the new tablet is going to sport a thinner frame and iPad mini like design. French blog even leaked some photos showcasing the thinner side bezels.

    Now, Paul Semenza of NPD DisplaySe​​arch has told CNET that the new tablet might incorporate an advanced LED backlighting technology that will allow Apple to create a thinner iPad 5.

    "It's likely that part of the thinner/lighter design will be reducing the size of the LED backlight, partly by making the display more efficient and partly by using more efficient LEDs,” explained Semenza.

    Because of the Retina Display, the third and fourth versions of the iPad featured a dual-LED backlighting system plus a bigger battery, which made the tablet appear a little bit bulky. Semenza goes on to say that he wasn’t sure if Apple was really reconsidering slimming down its next tablets but recent information suggests the tech giant is looking into IGZO panels. IGZO stands for Idium gallium zinc oxide and is a semiconductor material created by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratories.

    With all this talk about the specs the next gen iPad is going to feature, rumors can’t still agree with the date the device is going to be launched on. Some theories claim that Apple is planning a special April-May event. Some analysts however tend to point towards a later date at the end of the year.

    Source: AppleInsider

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