Purported next gen iPad with translucent logo showcased in leaked video

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    This week, we continue to see new leaks showcasing the upcoming iPad. Japanese Apple fan blog Macotakara has stumbled upon a video of interest for those who follow the iPad. In it, viewers can spot a partially assembled iPad with a peculiar feature.

    The next generation iPad showcased in the clip feature​​s just the front and the back panels. We have been hearing rumors for some time now stating that the iPad 5 will probably sport an iPad mini look which includes thinner bezels, making it thus thinner and lighter. This is exactly what we can see in the video.

    A particularity we can notice is the Apple logo which seems to be translucent and reminds us of the MacBook line. Will the iPad maker drop the plastic black logo we have been accustomed to so far? We’d welcome the change really, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Some LED backlighting could allow for such a scenario to become possible but it’s not very likely since the mechanism would be complicated.

    The fully fledged iPad should become available to consumers somewhere towards the end of the year.

    And to go with this report, Sonny Dickson claims that he stumbled upon a video on YouKu which details the low cost iPhone we have all been hearing about in the last months. The iPhone 5C video showcases the plastic back panel we have been expecting to see. Overall, the smartphone looks similar to the iPod Touch with the only visible difference being the thickness.

    Source: AppleInsider

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