New patent says Apple is working on its own 3D virtual reality goggles

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    Patently Apple has discovered a new Apple patent that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published yesterday. The invention describes a 3D goggle-like video headset designed to allow users to view media while on the go. Apple’s potential head-mounted display doesn’t really resemble Google’s smart Glass but rather the Oculus Rift, a wearable 3D display that is used in gaming.

    Dubbed simply “Head-mounted displayâ€, the new patent is described like this:

    According to the patent filing, the head-mounted device would project a virtual large screen in front of the user’s eyes viewable only to the person wearing the goggles. Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift is the most similar example to what Apple might be planning to achieve. Valve has recently announced that it is also working on its own virtual reality solution.

    Apple’s goggles could potentially support advanced login features like retina scan, fingerprint scan or voiceprint analysis. Also, it could include left and right optical modules that would detect any eyesight issues, adapt accordingly and remembering the settings for the user. The technology would be so advanced that it could even take into account glasses and contact lenses, or determine eyesight limitations.

    The patent shows the goggles hooking up to an iPod via a cable, probably because when it was filed, back in May of 2008, the iPod seemed like a more suitable device. But the patent also describes the option to connect to it wirelessly. So, theoretically, this means that you could hook it up with your iPhone and iPad.

    What do you think of this discovery? Does it sound too crazy or come 2020 we’ll be looking to buy one?

    Source: Patently Apple

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