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    Feb 19, 2011
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    So glad I stumbled upon this forum. Bought an IPad about 6 months ago because I LOVE all electronic toys, and expected it to be just that. I have owned every Palm one product, IPhone 3 and now 4, and I always have used a HP tablet, then an Netbook Aspire. HP tablet was very expensive and overheated and had bad chips (class-action suit just won so computer will be replaced.). Kept putting off buying IPad because no sd card, and no printer. Over the weeks I have owned it, I surprizingly have totally replaced my netbook and any other computers I use. Never imagined the scope of this iPad; as an artist I can grid photos, and/or bring them up closer to see every detail. Never expected the battery life to be so good, and surprised at the quality of images when not charging. (Every other computer drops in brightness once it is unattached to charger). With the optional camera attachment I have used a keyboard (usb) and iPad reads sd card. I take the iPad everywhere.
    Drawbacks are no flash, and I am not having luck with the newest flash app., also, I don't like that email has no fonts, colors, etc and the apps for this are overly time-consuming to open and save.
    Anyway, glad I am here. Look forward to help and sharing.

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Great to hear from you. I was interested in your observations on the iPad too. I think that most of us have become adicted to the device. I, too, was a gadget 'freak'; in the very early days I had a succession of the very earliest Apple Macs but switched to the PC environment when, in my opinion, the company lost direction after Steve Jobs left. But Steve's return has caused Apple to re-invent itself and it's turned out a succession of great products. All of us have our favourite 'issues' with the iPad - no Flash, apps are typically stripped down versions of their desktop counterparts, but - all-in-all - I think Apple made some sensible compromises. My favourite iPad characteristic is the really great battery life. Using a laptop was, for me, like using an electric car - you were always looking for the charging points. Now, with the iPad, I can go a whole day and not have to worry. That was a great decision by Apple.

    Enjoy your iPad and we hope to hear from you soon.


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