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    I'm new here - so please allow me to introduce myself:
    My name is Kevin and I'm an independent app developer with a couple of apps under my belt. I bought an iPad a few months ago and am very impressed so far.

    I stumbled across this forum via Google and would like to help a user who was looking for a certain type of game for his iPad. I happen to have written a game they may be interested in.

    Now I don't want to upset anybody or be banned for spam and have read through the forum rules and seen that I shouldn't reply to the post (even though one user has with his first post!) and should PM the poster instead. But when starting to PM I noticed that I need to have at least 6 posts before being able to PM!

    I tried to send a PM to admin but was informed that their inbox is full and so are not accepting any new messages until space has been cleared. Not sure who else to PM so thought I'd introduce myself as suggested in the welcome message.

    Just looking for a bit of guidance on how to help a user looking for a certain type of game without breaking the forum rules.

    BTW admin might like to know that the links in the welcome message don't come up as links. Admin and/or staff may want to fix the links to help new users - I would have posted fixes, but as a new user I'm not allowed :)

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