New TwelveSouth HoverBar 3 Puts Your iPad Right Where You Want It

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 3, 2014.

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    9to5 Mac today reviews what looks like a really useful new iPad stand, the HoverBar 3 from TwelveSouth. The stand is particularly useful for those who like to use their iPad while working on their computer, or people who like to use their iPad to read recipes in the kitchen when cooking, or to watch movies in bed.

    The HoverBar 3 consists of a clamp attached to a gooseneck arm, and a holder to snap your iPad in place. Included in the box you will find holders for the iPad Air, iPads 2-4, and both iPad mini models. The clamp is used to firmly fix your iPad to your PC or Mac monitor stand, and has soft rubber pads to protect the screen. It can be tightened or loosened with a screw.

    Once the clamp is attached to the stand, you can then extend the gooseneck arm to either side of the monitor. 9to5 Mac says that the clip-in frame is very well made, and that it is easy to snap your iPad into and out of the frame, but at the same time it also keeps the iPad firmly in place.

    Overall, it looks great, but it’s fairly pricey at $99!

    Source: Review: TwelveSouth HoverBar 3 positions your iPad right where you want it | 9to5Mac
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    I have their iPad/iPhone 5S stand and charging dock, which serves more or less the same purpose. It's a great idea, though, as people do have 'desk bound' devices as well as portable ones.

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