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    Hi, I'm new here. My thought is to get really familiar with the iPad in every way so that when I finaly get one I'll be way ahead and know just what apps to get and other stuff. I recently discovered that I can change how I do busniness and replace about 20 lbs of note books and a laptop with just one iPad. The sales process I have to go through is to educate a prospect in a somewhat complex tax application that their CPA and other advisory folks don't cover. To do that requires all sorts of 3rd party material, brochures and PowerPiont type presentations. My plan is to be able to have all that I need on an iPad and get to what I need quickly. I feel like I am constanly looking in multiple places for what I need at any particular moment with a new prospect and the time it takes to get to it is anti-climatic with the dulness of the material I just dug up. I can't waite to be an owner of an iPad, but that's the nature of my economics. I may even win one with one of the companies I rep. Otherwise it will come soon. What makes this a fun process is that I have come out of a long medical disability to the point that I can go back to work some. Everyday is like a new life and an iPad will be my icing on the cake.

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