Latest rumors see Apple launch the iWatch in October 2014 with wireless charging

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    The iWatch rumor mill took a short break since everybody was all eyes and ears on the latest iPad launches, but now it’s back in full swing. According to Chinese site C Technology, Apple could be looking to release its long-rumored iWatch alongside the next iPhone in October 2014.

    The company has allegedly tested two iWatch prototypes, but hasn’t decided on the final screen size of the device. We previously have shared with you another leak, according to which, the iWatch could be released in two sizes – one for men and for women. The same report says that the prototype iWatch units are powered by a 100 mAh battery and they also have wireless charging capabilities, letting the device charge from up to a meter away. However, the inclusion of a 100 mAh battery seems unlikely, because the size is too small for a significant battery life. As a comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch has a 315 mAh battery and has been often criticized for its poor battery life.

    According to the Chinese publication, the battery life of the iWatch prototypes has proved to be an issue, as it lasted only 1-2 days on a charge. Apple is looking to extend that to at least 4-5 days. C Technology also observes that the role of the wireless charging feature would be to reduce the need to frequently charge the device.

    What do you think about this latest rumor? Is there any substance to it?

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    My real question is more along the lines of what the iWatch can actually bring to the table. What is the use scenario? What is the added value?

    I look at the Samsung Gear watch and wonder why you would pay $300 for a device that, in my opinion, does nothing but provide another small screen on your wrist showing you the same information your phone already shows you. Can Apple do better than that? Because the novelty of talking to your wrist wears off pretty quickly, I would assume.

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