New Pics Show Another Possible Third-party Case for the 'iPad Pro'

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    ipad pro case.jpg ipad pro case 2.jpg

    Rumors related to the much-anticipated iPad Pro have picked up lately, bringing some new details. Now, we're seeing some new images which are allegedly showing what seems to be a third-party case for the bigger iPad tablet.

    The black protective cover comes with cutouts for a Lightning connector, rear-facing camera and microphone, volume rocker, mute switch and power button. This is pretty much on par with previous iPad Air and iPad mini designs.

    This second third-party case provides yet another side-by-side comparison of how much larger the iPad Pro could be alongside current iPad models. As you probably recall, the iPad Pro is rumored to feature a 12.2-inch to 12.9-inch screen.

    The iPad Pro is also said to feature a triple-core A8X or A9 processor, 2GB of RAM and Touch ID, and could include an optional stylus, as well. Apple's iPad sales are on a constant decline, so a bigger-sized slate could prove to be the right boost they need.

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