New iPad2 owner - shrinking LS question!?!?

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    Hi everyone,

    I got a great deal on an iPad last week, and since I already own a iPod Touch 4G, it wasn't a great leap to the UI on the iPad... I love it already, and jailbroke it within the hour I received it.

    My question (first of many, I'm sure) is in reference to the lock screen. I installed LS Nimbus HD, and tried several other iPad-optimized LS and kept running into the same problem. The actual lockscreen is shrunk and located in the top left corner, but displays widgets and info normally. The slider location hasn't changed, nor has the 'slideshow' button to the right.

    I have tried renaming the 'LockBackground.png' files and adding the 'T' to the end, no luck there.

    I am a big supporter of the 'Google for answers first' method of solving tech problems, but have had no luck after 3 hours, so I'm hoping someone in the forum can help.

    Thanks all! Appreciate the help in advance...

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    Unfortunately, what you're trying to use are iPhone/iPod tweaks on the iPad. They aren't designed to take full advantage of the iPad's big[ger] screen. So, they end up looking like the one you have.

    All I can suggest is to look closely at the tweak description to see if it says anything about compatibility with the iPad. If it doesn't say - you may want to e-mail the developer to ask if what you want is an iPad version.

    The iPad is still relatively new for the tweaks to be compatible. Give it some time and I'm sure it'll get better. For now, due diligence is required to get one that'll work well on the iPad.

    Sorry 'bout that...


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