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    Whoooo Whoo....guess I'm one of the iPad Christmas babies....wife surprised me with a 32G/ 3G iPad under the tree.....:D
    To say I was shocked is a understatement.....she's a keeper ( 40 years now)....
    Anyway, I have owned a iPhone for about 1 1/2 it very well and so far I love this iPad....need to learn a lot about it, especialy the 3G and data plans...right now I got the $15.00 250 mb, but I see already I'll need more. I have unlimited on the phone, but of course that's not avaiable through AT&T anymore, great! Have to live with the $ 25.00 / 2GB for now.
    Exploring other options....reading as much as I can here....

    So, I will attempt to use the "search" function as much as I can, but I'm sure I'm going to ask some stupid/silly/asked before questions....please don't slam me to hard for it...;)

    Oh, the screen name is because I work night shift.

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