New Ipad guy (and I am pc and droid guy!)

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    Apr 14, 2011
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    Just received my ipad 2 (32G) yesterday. I admit when I saw the original come out, I thought "wow its a big touch". But, I ended buying one because I bought some furniture from Art Van and they threw in a 500 gift certificate. I happened to be in the market for a new laptop and thought I would try the ipad out.

    First impressions so far.

    1. Thin - like it a lot
    2. Light - I admit it is light weight especially compared to laptop or netbook. But with all the hype, I expected it to be lighter. But how can this be a negative since it is best in class in this regard. So it is a positive attribute.
    3. Function - seems good and responsive. It is very apple like and will take some time to adjust.
    4. Cameras. Not impressed. But I really don't want a camera. I think I may hook my skype up though. I can see that being an advantage. I see no reason why anyone would use this to take a photo. Especially when camera phones are superior (I use a droid x).
    5. Overall. Honestly. I plan on using when I dont feel like booting up a laptop. Typing is a pain and not much better than my droid x. But I assumed this would be the case. Basically, the best thing about this is the 10" screen. Resolution seems good too. I like it. Time will tell if it remains in my gadget rotation. But it is in the end very similar to a touch. I think the ipad will be great while in bed, laying around or traveling. It is a sleek sexy device.

    My list of tech stuff
    -Workhorse PC I built a year ago. i7 930 chip and lots of memory. Love this thing and is what I am on now while my ipad just sits there.
    -Cheap compaq laptop with an old amd processor. Just a glorified web browser and light work pc. bare bones system.
    -Droid X. This is my life line. I have had it since last summer. Best phone I have ever had.
    -Ipod touch 32 gig 2nd gen. Bought it for my wife. Neither of us really used it. My 5 year old has spent more time on it. Probably a wasted purchase considering the lack of time spent using it.

    Well that is my tech life and Ipad life in a nutshell. I am the guy that always liked the geeky chubby guy in the apple commercials rather than the slick over the top cool guy. But I still appreciate a good product and I think I will like this Ipad. We will see. I may end up regretting I didn't just by a 600 dollar laptop.

    Now I need to root this thing.
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    Mar 10, 2011
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Good to hear from you. You’ll find a whole bunch of iPad enthusiasts in this Forum who are only too willing to help other iPad owners and to hear of their experiences. Don’t be afraid to post any questions you may have or use the ‘Search’ button near the top of the Forum web page. I usually find I discover one new interesting and useful piece of information about my iPad every day - and often not even what I was looking for!!

    Thanks for your great introduction - it was interesting to read your thoughts about the iPad. If you don't like the on-screen keyboard then it might be good to invest in a Bluetooth keyboard. I have a folding one - I'm using it now - and it's great for carrying around with the iPad. Although the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is nice, it's rather bulky and I think I would often find myself simply leaving it behind because it's too inconvenient to take with me. The folding keyboard has a small faux leather pouch into which it can be slipped and it weighs next to nothing either.

    Hope to hear from you soon with more thoughts about the iPad.

    Have fun and enjoy your iPad

    If you don’t already have it you can download a copy of the iPad manual for free.

    Apple - Support - Manuals

    Please read the rules too!!


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