New iOS Users Survey Says the iPad is Popular With Businesses, Pet Owners and Moms

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    AppleInsider reports today on a new survey from analytics firm Flurry that looks at iOS use according to the user’s “persona,†which is broken down into categories such as “New Momsâ€, “Music Lovers,†“Personal Finance Geeks†and “Hip Urban Lifestyleâ€. AppleInsider writes that the study threw up some interesting results, such as finding that 70% of the “Pet Owners†in the survey were iPad users, making that the most popular iPad-using demographic. In second place in terms of iPad use were “Small Business Owners,†with 60% of those polled being iPad users, with “Moms†and “Casual Simulation Gamers†coming in in third and fourth place, respectively, and “Home Design Enthusiasts†in fifth. From sixth place downwards, the split is much more even between iPhone and iPad users, with the iPhone proving to be more popular with “Entertainment Enthusiasts.†The study also breaks down iOS usage in terms of time spent on each device, and time of day. The data for the study was compiled from a random sample of 44,295 iPad and iPhone users in May of this year.

    Source: Comparison of iOS users finds Apple's iPad most popular among businesses, pet owners & moms
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    I wonder how they came up with pet owners. I am a pet parent; however, the iPad came before Miles did lol. I guess just one of their generic categories to check off.

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    Are you sure that the iPad wasn't the reason for Miles appearing on the scene?!

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