Netflix Considering Making Content Downloadable

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    Re/code reports that Netflix is considering making its content available to download rather than just to stream. During Netflix’s Q1 earnings call yesterday, Re/code’s Peter Kafka asked Netflix CEO Reed Hastings about the possibility of a download option being added to the service, just as Amazon and YouTube have, for example.
    As Kafka notes, while this is not a definite answer from Hastings, it does show a big change from the usual Netflix response to the download question, which has been very definitely an emphatic “no,” even as recently as the end of last year.

    However, don’t get excited about getting the chance to download your favourite Netflix films and shows just yet, as the necessary licenses for offline viewing would need to be secured by Netflix first, and you imagine that could take some time.

    Source: Netflix says it might let you download movies and TV shows
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    BBC has been doing that for years through its BBC iPlayer app. You can download content for offline viewing and it self-deletes after 30 days.

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