Need advice re Forum symbols, icons and ranking.

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by The OB, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I'm sorry to be asking about what is no doubt obvious to everyone but I am curious about what the various symbols and descriptions on this Forum mean.

    I searched the Forums and saw a Legend dated May 2011 using envelopes and stars etc. but I think that must be out of date. Found nothing recent. There are coloured dots next to the forum member's name (mine is green ... some are grey ... NO I have not been doing that!) There are flames, (they can't all be flamers!) some of which have gone out, green arrows some with a question mark).

    But what prompted my question was that I see I have changed from being a "Noob" to a "Novice" which is a bit flattering (although because I rather like monasteries there is no way I will wear a nun's habit). And those batteries. It seems obvous that their number and fullness is related to the number of members' posts and, I guess, so are the titles. I see "iPad Fans" (I've got to keep on with those posts to get there?) and more exulted titles like Super Gurus, Moderators, Super Moderators. I'm sorry if I missed any.

    But to more seriously get back to my question --- where can I find a Legend of the forum symbols used today, and perhaps even an indication of the way this forum operates re the hiarchy of gurus/moderators/administrators etc? It's simply this. I am relatively new to the forum and I am confused.

    Cheers, Andrew

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