Need Advice Managing Large Number of Documents, Multiple iPads

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    I have about a dozen iPads that will be used by a group of about 20 people. On them we'll have about 70 documents, mostly PDF files but some word docs. Most of the documents expire about every 2 months and have to be replaced with the current version. I'd like to organize the files into folders by category to make it easier to find and use them by the employees who'll ultimately be using the iPads. Every iPad must be identical.

    I've looked at using the cloud but it seems to take a long time and I have about 10gb of data. So far I've really only experimented with one iPad at a time, and as far as I can tell I'd have to set one up as i want them to bre and then back it up to my company itunes account, and then erase everything on the other iPas, then restore the rest using the backup of the first one. Effectively, this would clone them all to be identical.

    However, any folder organization I have setup in iBooks would have to be rebuilt from scratch everytime I update all the documents, as the new version of each doc will have a slightly different file name with the new expiry date in it. Unfortunately, I can't organize the folder structure in iTunes, only on the iPad.

    How can I best manage this?
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