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    Document Manager ( Download, View, Share Files and Attachments )
    By Irfan Farooqi

    App Genre: Business

    Document Manager is all-in-one document management solution for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can download documents from anywhere, store all your documents at one place and share or print documents easily and hassle-free.

    It can Catch Documents from any source you can imagine: *PC or Mac computers either USB or wirelessly, *Web Sites, *Email attachments, *Google Docs, *Dropbox and other online file storages. All files are saved to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch locally so you can enjoy reading them anywhere or take it with you wherever you go!


    File manager which let you edit your documents, listen music and watch video.
    It can open large Word,PDF,Excel, Power Point, RTF, TXT, PNG or JPG files
    and unzip .zip or .rar files

    -Store and View PDF, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and other document types.
    -Store and Play sounds, view images.
    -Create text documents.

    Document editor or transfer data system:

    It can give you ability to send files from/to your iphone or ipod with 5 different ways

    -Wi-Fi connection with your PC or Mac
    -Through cabel
    -Google Docs

    Emails with Attachments:

    Send email with attachments, Use the 'Open-in' functionality to open files attachments from your email.


    -Download files from virtually anywhere.
    -Copy files from your computer through USB cable or Wirelessly.
    -Download files from the web.
    -Upload/Download files from Dropbox.

    *Easy to use interface.

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    I use FileBrowser from Stratospherix but only for a little while. I don't know about iPhone but I can get at and manage files on my iPad, MacMini and PC, all on one screen easy.

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