My Credit Cards were not acceptable by the App Store

Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by Bambangw, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I am using iPad1, which was bought in the USA by my daughter approx more than 2 years ago.
    I believe it was first registered in the USA, using my daughter's boy friend address. No commercial activity using that address except downloading some free apps.
    Shortly after I received the iPad, I wanted to buy certain apps such as Docs to Go, then another friend of my daughter did the buying by using his credit card and it worked okay.
    But since then, I had tried many times trying to purchase from the Apps and iTunes Store using my profile details and several credit cards but failed to make a single transaction. The reason I believed is the US address that was used when this iPad was first registered is different than the current address used in my credit cards (Indonesian address).
    I am seeking for an assistance on how to resolve this problem. Is it possible to change the address from the one it is registered (US) to my current address?

    Thank you, Bambang
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    You need to register this iPad under your Apple ID with your personal info. This means that any non-apple, nonstock apps would be wiped off the iPad. You would start it fresh, with your Apple ID and credit card info. Now, once this is done, if Apple doesnt' like your card, it is in no way connected to any previous address or user. It's all you from this point on. Also, if you have already done this (which may be possible), then any previous address or user makes no far as Apple is concerned, it's your iPad. It might be that your CC doesn't like to operate across those invisible lines that separate us all, called borders.

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