My Book Tanya's Predicaments is available in the iBooks store

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    I had planned on plugging this in the thread to promote ones one books, but that thread is closed.

    The book can be purchased form the link below, or directly from the iBooks app on an iPad or iPhone

    iTunes - Books - Tanya's Predicaments by Mark Penkower

    From the description:

    Tanya was a tall, fit blond. She looked good and carried herself well. She was fit and could handle herself.Tanya was a world-class mathematician and an excellent problem solver. How she had come to her current position was still a bit of a mystery. She had once wished for a simple existence, but her interests bred complexity.Follow the whirlwind and see how she handles her predicaments.

    This is my first novel. It is the equivalent of around 91 traditional printed pages.

    It is a good buy at $2.99

    I didn't primarily write Tanya's Predicaments for the money. It is my goal to entertain the readers. I hope they are able to enter the world that I create and enjoy themselves while they are in it.

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