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    Ashfaque Ahmed
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    I bought one IPad from Singapore in Dec 2010...it worked well for sometime..registered but did not sync with itunes.... Was using for facebook a lot....
    When tried to synch with a US address it vnever worked and got freeze....a local person fixed it but after couple of days the same condition.... another person said battery is not charging and a local Ipod store said there is some problem with hardware...
    Since i got it fron Singapore i have to send it there and really dont know what lies for my IPad...i have to find the receipt. I have got it from Mustafa Centre in Singapore.
    Can anyone shed something what could have gone wrong.... the apple monogram comes on...but battery does not chgarges...very upset with the product....

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    First of all - welcome to the iPad Forum. Second thing - don't panic.

    There are *thousands* of iPad enthusiasts out there who are only too willing to help you. I'm sure we'll find a way to fix your problem, so please relax a little....

    OK - if the iPad appears to be frozen with the Apple monogram and then nothing happens, it may be time to reset the iPad. This is no big deal, but it can fix a whole range of problems and is a good way to get a frozen iPad back to life.

    There are details here of how to do this....

    How to fix a 'frozen' iPad - iPad User Guides - Know Your Mobile

    Give this a try and get back to the Forum and let us know how you got on. Again - don't panic and don't get frustrated. You'll get lots of advice and help from Forum members - probably too much. We all *love* our iPads and we don't like to see anyone have a negative experience.


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