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    My husband's computer died and I want to add his Ipad 1/IOS 5.0.1 to my computer where I also have an Ipad 1 with IOS 5.0.1. We share one Apple account but I set his Ipad up recently with his own Apple ID so our Photostreams didn't merge and we could Imessage between devices. To add to my dilemma, I plan to purchase an Ipad 3 but keep my 1 to use strictly for my Rhapsody downloads, my own music and for radio (I use either air stream to Apple TV or hook directly with cable to various sound systems or play in the car) to replace my aging Touch (I'm assuming i can wipe Ipad 1/mine, and add my library 1 of music--I'll have to redownload all my Rhapsody I know).

    On his old computer (Windows and mine is Win 7) it was known as David's Ipad in Itunes, mine on my computer as Diane's Ipad. Will Itunes recognize this when I hook it to mine?? OR--will I add it as a new Ipad, all of his content be wiped? Can I utilize his Apple ID in any way?

    I've googled this, read threads on Apple Support and am still a bit unsure how to proceed. Thanks for any help.

    PS. Just wondering now that you can set up an Ipad without tethering to a computer how you move from one Ipad to another with a new purchase.
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